“SEO, the bell tolls for thee” – Google

Google vs. SEO

Let it be known that no where does Google declare that they are against SEO. In fact, they even talk about it in their webmaster guidelines. Google doesn’t mind at all if you use ‘proper’ search engine optimization, which of course they are in the process of redefining and completely controlling.

Google is like the sheriff that rode into town and laid down the law. “They’re the law ’round here now.” So no, they aren’t against SEO, as long as SEO means exactly what they say it does.

Clearly Google is the champion in the battle against search engine optimization. And they make no secret of it. Matt Cutts is Google’s official anti-spam policeman, and he brazenly blogs about his ‘black hat’ conquests. The other search engines are nearly powerless against a good search engine optimizer, and they are easily conquered. It is only Google that a real SEO thinks about on a regular basis.

“Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful” (quoted from their company overview).

For the record, I am completely in favor of Google in this struggle. Because ultimately, the goal of the SEO (the kind that is being hunted by Google) is to profit in some way by convincing search engines that his or her page belongs at the top of the search results for particular search queries, whether or not that page is actually the ‘best’ page (ie. most relevant page) for the visitor. This is the antithesis of Google’s goal, which in a word is relevancy.

That single word is more or less the entire purpose of Google. The fact that they have been so successful in creating relevant results consistently (and so much more effectively than their competition) is why they currently attract approximately 70% of the search traffic. This number will continue to rise until either Google screws it up, or someone else innovates a system as groundbreaking as PageRank was. But really, it’s Google’s game to lose.

Search Engine Optimization as we have known it in the last decade is the ultimate triumph of form over substance. The SEO wants you to go to his page (or his client’s page) because it is his page, not because that’s where the searcher wanted to end up (necessarily). Of course any self-respecting SEO will say that’s not the case at all; they are simply trying to bring attention to a page that deserves it… or whatever.

But in reality, self-interest is the overriding factor. An SEO is trying to get your attention, whether or not she deserves it, while Google is trying to ascertain what you actually want, and give you that. While they may not be a perfect company, surely you must admit that their’s is a more noble goal.

Why Google is Going to Win


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Well I think it was Google who created SEO and earned a lot from it but now they say SEO is dead. I don’t think so it can be the case. SEO as far as is ethical, authentic and following the white hat SEO Techniques can be dead ever.

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