“SEO, the bell tolls for thee” – Google

SEO is Dying?

I do not claim that search engine optimization is no longer effective or useful. Far from it. But it is far more complicated and far less effective than it used to be, and it will continue to move in this direction.

The effectiveness and ability to differentiate one’s self purely with SEO is going to be severely diminished by the evolution of search engines – and in fact, any intelligent observer will note that this is exactly what has been happening over the past few years.

Clearly, as search engines learn, humans learn new ways too fool them. As ‘smart’ as we can make a program, it is still a program, and we have yet to create a fully sentient artificial intelligence. Thus, humans will always be able to observe, learn and adapt, and those that program the AI will always be reacting to those innovations (and thus, they will always one step behind).

As an Irish terrorist once said, the anti-terrorists have the hardest job because they have to get it right every time, and he only has to get it right once. So it is with Google. As innovative as they are, they can still be beaten, and an SEO only has to find one hole to exploit, while a search engine has to try to plug every hole.

Nonetheless, any reasonably intelligent, experienced internet marketer who has been around for some time will tell you that search engine optimization has gotten much more difficult in the last few years; the tactics are more complicated, their success is less certain, and the competition has become very stiff. Successful SEO has become so lucrative that the environment is fiercely competitive, the tactical knowledge is proliferating, and 1st page results are becoming highly sought after.

Thus, the point of this blog is not that any one should immediately stop doing SEO (as if anyone would) or that it is no longer effective. The point, rather, is to simply illuminate a pattern that seems to show an inevitable future….

Google vs. SEO


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