“SEO, the bell tolls for thee” – Google

Why Google is Going to Win

Google is going to win the war against SEO as we know it because of the patterns that are apparent in the evolution of SEO.

Ultimately, the reason Google will win is because they are coming closer to seeing inside the visitor’s mind, using behavioral statistics and their legendary ability to gather data, analyze it and evolve. They are beginning to analyze how much you actually like a website, and whether or not it is what you were looking for when you typed in your search query.

They are more and more able to track your pages per visit, time spent on the site, and whether or not you hit the back button to find a more relevant page. They can then compute this data for each site and determine the site’s relevancy, directly from the user’s behavior. In other words, just as Google first relied entirely on links to determine the number of ‘votes’ for a site, a site’s low bounce rate, or high page per visit count, etc. will start to matter just as much as anything else, if not more so. It will be the final test of a site’s relevance.

Thus, even if some fantastic SEO is able to on-page and off-page optimize his site onto the 1st page, and manages to escape filters and hand-checks, Google can still do the ultimate test: find out whether the visitor agrees that this page should be ranked where it is. And that, ultimately, is all Google wants to know.

So guess what this means? As Google gets better and better at doing what they do, your page has to be closer and closer to actually being the most relevant page, rather than pretending with fancy tricks. And as Google continues to herd the effective SEO tricks into a smaller circle, well, ultimately there’s only going to be one trick remaining:

Being the best, most relevant, useful and/or informative page in relation to a particular user’s search query. And then, Google has won, haven’t they? But then again, so has the user…


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